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Sound has multiple forms of manifestation and different forms of appreciation, everything depends on the degree of internal interpretation and the auditory quality that the consumption of quality content develops, that is, the sensorial evolution of the senses and the flame that is produced when hear. a certain topic

I decided to name it that way because of the degree of affinity that exists between the souls that connect with the cosmos with their spirituality, and this connection means rising to the arms of the interior, it is not necessary to leave one because we all have a part of God within us, that It is the same type of connection that emanates from minds eager to slip into the implementation of harmonious techniques, so to speak, filling us with a very delicious part of our artistic curiosity.

We have always seen how few people stand out in the artistic world and reality is none other than their connection with ETER, I am going to explain a little about this: The word "Akasha" comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and means "energetic substance from which life emanates ”or also“ soul, space, sky, ether… ”It is an energetic matrix that contains all the information of the Universe since the beginning of time. Everything that exists has its record in the "Akashic Field", that means that we are spiritually connected some more than others and there lies the difference in the visualization of projecting and transporting all feelings to the material world, that is what a legend does surrender to the cosmos, flow and fly....

Talking about Akasha, her records and our intimate sensory connection is a very extensive topic so I simply share a healing music on the 432Hz frequency, if you are interested in the subject and want a second part, let us know in your comments and share why you do not know what to do. who can help with this information.

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